Game of Thrones ★ I'm Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock 〜 Which character are you?

★ Game of Thrones ★

I'm Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock


The Old Lion !!!!!!!
Powerful, Calculating, Controlling...

WOW... haha
I hope to have some Jaime and Cersei in me since they are my favorite characters... but oh well, I guess I'm too smart to be them... ( Jk...

So Tywin Lannister...
Am I that great?
I would say this is 80% right...
I'm so honored to be Tywin Lannister...
In fact, he was that smartest man in Game of Thrones, too bad he underestimated Tyrion and Jaime, the way he died, it was horrible... but he was the greatest, smartest, richest, most powerful man.
No doubt...

Father of my favorite beautiful twins, Cersei and Jaime.

Actually there were some aspects in Tywin that resemble me...
I can be calculating and cold-blooded if I want to.
Not all the time...
Also...to be honest, just like Tywin, I really dislike whores... both in fiction and reality ( well, i don't really encounter them personally in reality though. Good thing.)

So yah, actually I'm more similar to Tywin and I like him a lot more than Tyrion.

I'm not that smart, not powerful and not that controlling,though...
If I'm that smart, I guess I would be CEO of some top company by now...

Well, in real life, I cannot be cruel and mean...
I need to act nice and kind to get what I want sometimes...
It's easier to live that way.. ( I'm not a nice person actually...)
But if I'm in Westeros, I guess I could openly be more cruel...although I'm not psychopath like Joff or Ramsay...
I would do all I can for myself and my family to rise as high as possible... and to be honest, I don't think I will give a fuck about other families.
Another similarity of me and Tywin is that FAMILY ALWAYS COME FIRST.
I love my parents and brothers a lot more than anyone could think, but I love my family name too.
I have pride for that.

But Tywin... he was one of my most favorite characters, yet I did not support him as father...
He was mean to Tyrion but not only that, he was extremely unfair and cruel to Cersei as well.
Cersei needed more love from her father...
All his children, especially Tyrion and Cersei needed more love from him!!
So ya, he was BAD father... not the worst father in the show... much better than Stannis though.

I somehow thought he knew what was going on between Jaime and Cersei but he chose not to care, pretended not to see...because power was all that matters.. (He tried to raise them separately though...)

One thing I saw in Tywin which I found it very attractive was the fact that he loved his cousin-wife very much, he was faithful to her... When she was alive, there was still smile in his face...
The GAP was what made Tywin so interesting.

If today, Lady Joanna did not die, sure this family would be happier...
Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion, all might be happy.. (I still think Jaime and Cersei would have relationship though.. no one could stop them, not even their mother.)

Anyway here is the test.
Which character are you? ↓

Oh, by the way, my secondary character is Orena Tyrell...
haha, I never liked that old lady... クソババア
She was smart and cunning though... but never liked her.
She talked too much. Really talked too much.
She was mean to Cersei.
She called Cersei, monster but to me, she was an OLD UGLY MONSTER.
Double-standard hypocrite.
All characters could be monsters in that show. Not only Cersei. (I would say Cersei was monster when it came to her kids and when some bitch trying to manipulate her son. I would be too. Maybe worse. )
That old woman, her hatred for Cersei was more like... jealousy. OLD MONSTER!
Also, she died too easy, stupid Jaime.

At one point, I thought Tywin and Orena should hook up! Get married!!
Instead of plotting each other's kid to marry one another, why not married themselves off... LOL
Most powerful old couple. They would be the smartest of all.
They would not be able to have kids though... too OLD.

Besides I guess Tywin would not wanna take that old lady as his wife since his dead wife Joanna was extremely beautiful and he still loved her.

Anyway why do I keep getting all these old smart calculating characters!!
I guess I'm smart then.




VIVRE CARD 〜ONE PIECE図鑑〜 (ジャンプコミックス) [ 尾田 栄一郎 ]

(2018/9/4 05:36時点)

くる天 人気ブログランキング ブログランキング にほんブログ村 漫画ブログ 週刊少年ジャンプへ にほんブログ村 漫画ブログへ にほんブログ村 グルメブログへ
はじめまして。沙月です。このサイトは、自己満足目的の気まぐれなブログです。英語NATIVE、日本語検定1級、バイリンガルのアメリカ人です。日本在住10年目ですが年の40%は、海外出張か実家か旅行に出てます。ブログは趣味記録&日本語上達の為に開設しました。自己満足ブログですので自分の書きたい事を素直に書いてます。辛口の時もあります。好きな事を書いているだけなので文法も誤字もチェックしてません。 ブログみればわかりますが、多趣味です。まず、食べること、読書、旅行、スポーツ、謎解き&リアル脱出ゲーム、映画やドラマ観賞、漫画、ゴシックファンタジー等が大好きです。スポーツは特に水泳とバスケットボールが好きです。尊敬する人は、英国のエリザベス女王&フィリップ殿下、両親、兄、弟、彼、親友。 ブログでは、旅先の事、美味しい食べ物の事、リアル脱出ゲーム、漫画の事(ワンピースなど)、本やドラマや映画の事などランダムに書いています。 漫画に関しては、アニメ派とコミック派にはネタバレなので自己責任で!ワンピースに関しては最近は貯めてからいっきに読んで感想を書く事が多いです。 映画やドラマ感想も全部ネタバレあるので、自己責任で。観てない人は要注意です。 ワンピースでは、ペローナ、ミホーク、ロー、レイジュが特に大好き。 ワンピース以外にもハンターxハンターなど色々な漫画を読んでいます。(少年漫画メイン) 欧米のドラマや映画も観ます。特にGAME OF THRONES、HARRY POTTERが好き。 GOTは、Lannister家の双子が大好き。 ちなみに、私は日本に住んでいても、外資系企業で働いているため、まわりは帰国子女と非日本人しかいないので、純粋な日本人と深く関わる機会はあまりないです。けど私は、一応半分だけ日本人の血が入っています。(生まれも育ちも海外でアメリカ国籍ですが)それでも日本人らしい所は少しあると思います。 このブログは、自己満足で自分の為に作りましたが、公開しているので、もし同じ趣味や似た好みを持っている方と出会う事ができたら素敵だなと思います。(既にたくさんの素敵な方とお話できてうれしいです。)


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