Game of Thrones ★ Season 1 • Review 2

『Game of Thrones』Season 1
Review 2

Watching season 1, episode 9, this stroke me...
Maester Aemon’s words to Jon...
This foreshadowed the faith of Jon in final season when he picked duty over love...
It was natural that he went back to the Watch.
He belonged there...

Maester Aemon once said to Jon...

"Did you ever wonder why the men of the Night's Watch take no wives and father no children?"

"So they will not love. Love is the death of duty."

“What is honor compared to a woman's love?

What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms, or a brother's smile?"

In the final season of GOT, Jon picked duty in the end... for the peace of the realm.

Jaime Lannister was the total opposite though.
He wanted to be a honorable knight, yet he threw a boy out from window and murdered innocent people.
No one asked him to do so but he did such things so that he could be with the woman he loved.
He had gave up his duty as the heir of the Casterly Rock and everything he was promised to... just to be with the only woman he ever loved.
He was not ashamed of loving her and he wanted to take her as his wife, but he was ashamed of the things he did to hide the affairs, yet he did it anyway.
He wanted to marry her, wanted to be decent normal father of her children but those things never happened... yet he still chose to be with her in the end and died with her.

Jaime and Jon were two very different characters and they were quite a good contrast to each other.

Ned Stark was honorable man as people said so...
Well, I don’t think he was that honorable though.
His sister he defended all his life was far from honorable anyway.
Threw away her duty, betrayed fiancé, risked family lives and ran away with married man.
She was the one that should die horribly, not innocent Elia Martel...
Because of her, Ned had to hide things from his family.
Never really liked Ned.
He also said that Robert’s blood had the right claim and Stannis was the true heir...
But hey, the Baratheon used violence to take over the throne ok!!
What true claim did Baratheon had? Power power power!
If the Baratheon could do it, the Lannister could take over the throne too!
It’s the game of throne!
Robert was not really a good ruler anyway. The kingdom was in debt to the Lannister.
Ned defended Robert just cuz he was his best friend.
Did he really think about the realm like Varys?
What honor did he have?
After all, he just chose his best friend Robert over the Lannisters, that was all.
Normal man.
Nothing honorable, but just a normal man who thought too highly of himself as honorable.
I never liked Ned.
He might be a good father, definitely better father than Tywin Lannister and better husband than Robert Baratheon...
However I never thought he was a hero.
I sympathized with his daughters but I never sympathized with Ned.

In the Stark’s point of view, Lannister might be enemy...
However, I never see Starks as Hero...
I never thought this story was all about hero and villain.
It is “The Game of Thrones”.
By changing perspective, everybody could be right or wrong, justice or evil.

What Jaime did in the end was honorable.
He chose love in the end but he also did his duty if fighting the white walkers.
Regardless of how evil his sister was, killing a pregnant sister whom he swore to protect since a boy would not be honorable but just shame.
I would not do it too.
I didn’t see Cersei as that evil though.
More of madness. So was Danny.
Their acts were evil and foolish but loneliness and lack of love drove them crazy.
If they were brought up in proper family with proper parents, they would be decent ladies.
Posted by LION KNIGHT at 2019年08月03日 17:00
I agree. Ned was a good man and good father but he wasn’t that honorable.
He just favored Robert because he was his friend.
Robert was not a good king nor good person.
He snatched the throne away from Targaryen cuz of some stupid runaway bitch so why Lannisters couldn’t do the same to him?
Jaime could have killed Robert and claimed the throne openly, too.

Oh, and I also despised Rhaegar and Lyana.
Stupid irresponsible horrible couple ever.
Posted by Kei at 2019年08月03日 04:54
I disliked Ned and his stupid sister too!
So sad for his wife believing Jon was his bastard.
On the other hand, I respect Jaime for what he did in the end.
He taught me what true love meant.
Great dude, great actor.
In my eyes, he was honorable.
Posted by Hiroshi at 2019年08月02日 20:15




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