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About Maximum Honesty♡[追記10 修正 2015/3/5 AM11時過ぎ]

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From: TheSavage Micky
Date: 2015-03-03 6:35 GMT+09:00, 2015-03-04 10:01 GMT+09:00
Subject: Truth of Wars
To: each domestic of the U.S., Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Poland, France, Kazakhstan, and Arab League, etc.

Don't you think that almost all the wars in the modern era have the same root of conspiracy of the noble Jews?

The above wars of my recognition at present include, at least, ISIS's terrorism, Bin Laden's terrorism, Arab-Israeli Wars, Stalin's war (namely, Russo-German War, Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War), Russian Revolution and the French Revolution.

Truth of War
@IsraeliPM @CFR_org @CIA @federalreserve @GOVUK @BritishMonarchy @RusEmbassyJ @ChnEmbassy_jp @UN @kantei


The following blog article is a part of the contents at above http://goo.gl/Jm0Kzy .

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(Added a comment to the public contribution of the Google+ user, 『I SUPPORT ISRAEL』 as miracle toypoodle, and to my blog article at http://fanblogs.jp/miracletoypoodle/archive/96/0 )

toypoodle miracle
+Donnie Marx

> You are trying to escape responsibility
> for what the Japanese people did to the Chinese and Koreans by blaming the Jews.

I don't know how much is the past Japanese people's responsibility
for implicated, by the plots of Stalin or Jews behind Stalin,
into the Sino-Japanese war and the Pacific War.

The following site tells that Stalin was in close contact with Jews.

I've already heard that Japanese government of those days tried to keep friendly relations with China and the U.S.
and, at the beginning, refused to enter the Sino-Japanese war and the Pacific War,
but that the Stalin's plots are skillful and repeated by various means.

I agree to the argument that the gas chamber in Auschwitz concentration camp was forged
after Russo-German War as in the following YouTube playlist.

I think that Jews made Stalin forge the gas chamber,
but, at present, I have no evidence indicating that Stalin was brought by Jews.

I examine the past Japanese people's responsibility,
taking the above things, the following playlist and, of course, the Protocols into consideration.

The above playlist movies are mainly about the truth of Marco Polo Bridge Incident, and Venona files.

> Anybody who believes the 'Protocols' is an idiot.

Of course, I know the argument that the Protocols is an apocryphal book.

I found the following sites publishing the contents of the Protocols.

And I found the following movies of the Protocols.

I think that any intelligent and honest persons,
who can access to the truth behind the appearance of the history,
can evaluate that the Protocols is not an idiot.

The Protocols persists substantially that Jews must use force and deceptions in politics.
The examples in the first protocol are as following.

"23. Our countersign is - Force and Make-believe.
Only force conquers in political affairs,
  especially if it be concealed in the talents essential to statesmen.
Violence must be the principle,
  and cunning and make-believe the rule
    for governments which do not want to lay down their crowns
      at the feet of agents of some new power.
This evil is the one and only means to attain the end, the good.
Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery
  when they should serve towards the attainment of our end.
In politics one must know how to seize the property of others without hesitation
  if by it we secure submission and sovereignty."

You can actually confirm those facts
by the contents of the Protocols at the above cited sites or the above cited movies .

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(Added a comment to the public contribution of the Google+ user, 『I SUPPORT ISRAEL』 as miracle toypoodle, and to my blog article at http://fanblogs.jp/miracletoypoodle/archive/96/0 )

toypoodle miracle
+Donnie Marx

I give you answers to your following question.

> Are you saying that the Jews made Japan attack China?
> How on earth did they do this?

1. You can learn the fact that Komintern made Japan attack China at the following WEB articles or the books the articles quote.

2. "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION" that you can probably get at the following site is first written more than 100 years ago.

The Protocols says in the second protocol, substantially that Jews use Marxism as a means for dominating the world.

Like this, the Protocols is filled with plots for the Jew plutocracy by one world government.
Hitler oppressed the Jews because they have this Protocols, I've heard.

[追記4 2015/3/1 AM5時前後]

(Added a comment to the public contribution of the Google+ user, 『I SUPPORT ISRAEL』 as miracle toypoodle, and to my blog article at http://fanblogs.jp/miracletoypoodle/archive/96/0 )

toypoodle miracle
+Donnie Marx

You must learn about Jews or Zionists just by searching on the internet, or are you brain-washed?

> Rockefeller wasn't Jewish.

Don't you know that Rockefeller was a covert Jew, namely Marrano?

You can confirm the fact from the book pointed in the following WEB article.

> UK, France, Belgium and other Western countries
> have a far higher life expectancy that African countries
> - how would you like to live in a country with a life expectancy of 48 - pretty grim.
> It seems as if the IF (sic) is good for all the countries they operate in.

The IF or the Western people probably allow the existence of slave races.
So they don't feel the pricks of conscience about their exploitation of natural resources from the Middle East and their profiting by war in the Middle East.

> Jews bought their land from the Turks in 1900
> - it was Turkish territory not Palestinian.
> The UK voted against the formation of the state of Israel.

If the above fact is true, Israeli massacre of Palestinians and the invasion to other land of Palestine aren't be justified.

Even if one idea about one thing is good, that doesn't lead that all remaining ideas about that thing are evil.
Some say that the Western people believe in monotheism and we Japanese believe in polytheism.

From us Japanese, the judgment of good and evil of the Western people seems to be too simplified.

You can learn Japanese ethnic religion, Shinto from the following playlist.

> Wars destroy money.
> It would be a very poor financier who promotes war to make money.

You should watch, in particular, the following movie and examine said figure.

I'll answer to the following question in another opportunity, if I remember you and want to answer.
You should show me the ground for your argument.

> "The size of a nation has nothing to do with its national power."
> Do you mean to say
> that Israelis built an incredible country with no resources
> and that Jews make the best soldiers on earth, with that sentence?
> Are you saying that the Jews made Japan attack China?
> How on earth did they do this?

Thank you.

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(Added a comment to the public contribution of the Google+ user, 『I SUPPORT ISRAEL』 as miracle toypoodle, and to my blog article at http://fanblogs.jp/miracletoypoodle/archive/96/0 )

toypoodle miracle
+Donnie Marx

> To believe that there has been a Jewish effort to control the world is ridiculous.
> To believe that they have succeeded even in the slightest is plain stupid.

> All they have to show after all these years is this tiny country called Israel.

> They have no oil, they have no gold, they have no car manufacturing plants.
> They have nothing.

Probably you don't take the following important facts 1-4 into consideration.

1. The Jewish International Financiers such as Rothschilds and Rockefeller dominate the FRB in the US from about 100 years ago.

You can learn about that from the following playlist.

The IF also dominate the central banking system of the UK, France, Belgium, and other Western countries.

2. Jews are invading the land of Palestine from about 1900. The UK helped the founding of Israel in 1948.

You can learn about them from the following playlist.

3. The IF are making big money by wars. They lend money to one group of war countries, and sell weapons to the opposing group of war countries.

You can learn about that from my blog article at http://fanblogs.jp/miracletoypoodle/archive/60/0 .
Especially, from the article, the following figure is easy to understand.

4. The size of a nation has nothing to do with its national power.

You can learn about that from the following playlist.

From the IF's standpoint, they may just use wars to make money.
Some movies included in the last playlist, tell that, when Japan entered the wars against each China and the US in the World War II, there existed Soviet Jew's plot, and that one of the Soviet Jew's plot was revealed in the Venona files.

The U.S. made the Venona files public from 1995.
Anyone can get the Venona files at https://archive.org/details/thevenonafiles , but I've not yet read that files.

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(facebookページ『Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו』の公開投稿にMicky TheCruelでコメント。2015/2/28 PM0時過ぎ)

TheCruel Micky ネタニヤフもICCで死刑になるのかな?


[追記1 2015/2/28 AM11時前]


(Made a public contribution to FANBLOG http://fanblogs.jp/miracletoypoodle/archive/96/0 . February 28, 2015 at 4:15 AM)
Related Article ⇒ http://fanblogs.jp/miracletoypoodle/archive/60/0
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"Do Zionists including the International Financier (?) and Israeli Government, buy the U.S.?"

Do the U.S. citizens know the truth of Palestine's history?
The movies on the following playlist tell that Jewish people invaded the land of Palestine, using ethnic cleansing.


I think that the Chinese Communist Party invaded the lands of Uighur, Tibet, and Southern Mongolia, as the following movies, in the similar way of Jews.


Don't you U.S. citizens think that they both are crazy?
Or don't you have time to lose to think of other inferior races, such as Palestinian, Uighur, Tibetan, and others, being busy in pursuing your own desire just in front of yours?

I note down my recognition of the world's important facts at the following YouTube channel.

Aren't you aware that the mass media of the West and Japan are dominated by Jewish power?

Almost all fundamental Jewish thinking is written in the book, "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION," I think.
I've just started reading the book and recommend all of the people in the world to read the book to get to know, in particular, their plotting means of ruling the world.

And you U.S. citizens must reform the FRB controlled by the private individuals, not the public, as shown in the following figure.


Because the private individuals, consciously or unconsciously, pursue their own profit of money, and because, even if the controlling is failed for the U.S. citizens, the private individuals don't take the consequences of the failed controlling, the current FRB must be reformed.

My other opinions of reforming the FRB are included in the following blog article with the above figure.

I believe in, about Zionism and so on, your U.S. citizens' maximum honesty to the limit of your recognition.






認証コード: 必須項目








「G. Edward Griffin - The Capitalist Conspiracy」,


次の動画「Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order」も,上の私の2つ目のツイートの結論と似た感じだけど,かなり衝撃的な内容だよ。 第二次大戦も,近代以降の他の大きな戦争と同様に,イルミナティ☠の金儲けのために引き起こされたものだけど,戦後のイルミナティ☠メディアによる大衆洗脳に騙されることなく,ヨーロッパでヒトラーが何を考え何をしたのか,一人一人,一度は真実を追い求めてみるべきだね。

もちろん,立憲主義も,人権も,権力監視も,国民生活の安全・平穏にとって大事だけれど,次の動画の通り,イルミナティ☠らが,それら誰しもが頷く普遍的な価値観・考えを悪用してきた事実もよく知るべきだよ。 http://bit.ly/1SKvDse



〇イルミナティ☠勢か中共かに魂売った野党の詐欺師ら http://ow.ly/3zoDV8



〇ISIS created by Mossad

〇Truth About Israel


〇The Illuminati☠'s Past War Crime Killing About 200,000 Citizen GOYIM http://bit.ly/1MKHcee

〇今は,実質的に,米国憲法1章8条5項通り,通貨発行権は連邦議会が持ってるのかな? 通貨発行によって,私人であるFRBが政府から印刷代以上の支払を受けるのは,詐欺以外の何物でもないね。 http://bit.ly/1qcCktI

〇そうそう,昭和天皇はイルミナティの手先として,日本を先の大戦に仕向けていったのが真実なんだって。 https://is.gd/Jvs4Nx

特に,それら動画のうちで,いつの間にか非公開に変更されている5,6本目の動画の内容が興味深いかな。 https://goo.gl/Z2kKCA

というか,その公開講義で太田龍氏は,次の本「JAPAN'S IMPERIAL CONSPIRACY by David Bergamini」の内容を基礎に講義してるんだけど, この講義の内容には,例えば,「TAISHO'S COUP」とか,大正・昭和初期の天皇家にまつわる史実が含まれていて,かなり刺激的だよ。

その本については,日本語の訳本「いいだもも著 天皇の陰謀」(旧版・新版)があるんだけど,






〇自民党による戦後利益誘導政治の原点 http://qq3q.biz/p1ZH

〇Make the Mad CCP Stop Organ Harvesting! https://goo.gl/5bguiq

〇Make the Mad CCP Stop Ethnic Cleansing! https://goo.gl/Rxtkaq

〇The CCP imposing autocracy of about 5% population of China, continues hiding the Tiananmen Massacre of over 31978 citizens from the Chinese people.

〇Here's "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" for anyone who want to know the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party.

〇中国語版 九評共産党

〇隣国 中国のお友達ムードについてよく知りたい日本のお友達ムードには,次のYouTube再生リスト映>画がお薦めだよ揺れるハート

[Wordファイル] 日本解放第二期工作要綱
Plot Directive for Liberation of Japan - Phase II (Now Translating)




〇吸血公務員による税金への集りについての証言 http://qq2q.biz/poni


〇とりあえず,次の動画の解説に,『速習 司法試験短答デジタル解説♡』をまだ未完成だけど置いてみたよ〜揺れるハート
「祝・完成♡!リアル法曹促成システム」 http://urx.red/oLUp




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甘利明 岩城光秀 馳浩 森山裕
山口俊一消費者相(徳島2区) 中谷元・防衛相(高知1区) 竹下亘復興相(島根2区) 石破茂地方創生相(鳥取1区)

○こちらからのツイート".@takashinagao 長尾どう思う?次の通り@27osakajimin,#破落戸右翼 結合体が後藤田正純と徳島県石井町公共事業に集り,同様に,#大阪 に集るをどう変革するか明言しないと。 都実現で西成破落戸壊滅がいいよ。

石原伸晃 佐藤正久
上川陽子 田村憲久 西田昌司 甘利明 岩城光秀 馳浩 伊吹文明 石破茂 稲田朋美 谷垣禎一 茂木敏充 後藤田正純 森山裕 中山泰秀
江田憲司 松野頼久 柿沢未途 松木謙公
竹本直一 西田昌司 二階俊博
谷垣禎一 萩生田光一 竹本直一 西田昌司 佐藤ゆかり 柳本顕
山口俊一 中谷元 竹下亘 谷垣禎一 船田元 山崎正昭 石破茂 溝手顕正 伊達忠一
糸数慶子 照屋寛徳


西川一誠福井県知事 吉村美栄子山形県知事 谷本正憲石川県知事 荒井正吾奈良県知事 平井伸治鳥取県知事 溝口善兵衛島根県知事 尾ア正直高知県知事 河野俊嗣宮崎県知事
翁長雄志沖縄県知事 稲嶺進名護市長


○「質問1 本気で,暴力革命を目指しているのか?」「質問2 仮に,本気では暴力革命を目指していないとして,どのような手段で大企業を国公有化するのか?」「質問3 共産主義は気違い政治妄想なので,昔話に浸るより,『共産』の名称は変えたほうがいいんじゃないか?」「質問4 暴力革命を目指すのが本気か否かを明確にしないのは,支持者を騙すことにならないか?」(http://bit.ly/1XZZZKCの追記2)に対する回答が遅れた罪
社民党 沖縄社会大衆党

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(03/25)@dpjnews @ishinnotoh @seikatsu1pr @SDPJapan 戦後@ThelIluminati☠レジームからの脱却に改憲すべき [追記3 修正 2016/3/29 PM2時過ぎ]
(03/24)@baba_ishin @mikioshimoji 若い人たちとの政治対話ごっことか,無意味だね。@gogoichiro @MoriNatsue [最終修正 2016/3/24 PM11時半]
(03/20)@NorthKoreaDPRK将軍様ぶたの丸焼きまだかな?@jimin_koho @osaka_ishin @ishinnotohお化け @dpjnews [最終修正 2016/3/24 PM2時過ぎ]

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知能 短答デジタル解説 石油 石油メジャー 石油利権 破落戸右翼 社会化 社会契約論 社会秩序 社民党 社畜 社畜階級 神道 神風特攻隊 福田 福祉 福祉団体 秘密代理人 税金 空爆 立憲民主党 立法化 竹島 竹島問題 第一次世界大戦 第二次世界大戦 笹川良一 箕面市 箕面市長 米国 米国下院議員 米国人 米国政府 米国民 米欧人 米軍 米軍海兵隊 粛清 精神性 経団連 経済同友会 経済崩壊 経済規模 結社 結社の自由 統一教会 統一貨幣 統制品 統治 統治能力 維新の党 総体革命 総理 総理大臣 総選挙 義和団の乱 義和団事件 翁長 翁長沖縄県知事 翁長県知事 翁長知事 翁長那覇市長 習近平 習近平国家主席 背乗り 脅迫 臓器 臓器狩り 自公解党命令 自公連立 自動フォロー返し 自国民虐殺 自民党 自然権思想 自由 自由主義 自称保守 自衛 自衛戦争 自衛権 自衛隊 舌癌 舌癌治療 舛添 舛添東京都知事 舛添知事 舛添要一 舛添都知事 芸能界 英国 英霊 菅長官 落選運動 蒋介石 藤井 藤井聡 虐殺 虐殺史 血税 衆参不正選挙 衆議院の解散 衆議院議員選挙 衆議院選挙 衆院選挙 行政サービス 行政事務 行政長官 表現の自由 被害 被害妄想 西松建設事件 西田 西田昌司 見えざる干渉 親中 親中派 解体 解党 解党命令 解放 解放工作 解散 解散命令 解散総選挙 解職 解説主幹 解雇自由 言論 言論の自由 記事 記者 許可 許可区域 許可水域 許可海域 証人 誠意 誤判 読売新聞 誰でもお友達感 課税権 諜報機関 諜報活動 謀略 謀略戦略 謀略民族 謀議 謝罪 警察人事 警察官僚 警察署 豚の丸焼き 貴族 貴族政治 貴族階級 買収 貿易 資本家 資源搾取 資産家 賭博罪 赤と黒 軍事兵器ビジネス 軍事利権 転移 農作物 農夫 農夫夫婦 辺野古 辺野古沖 辺野古移設 近代史 近平 近現代史 迷惑行為 退庁 退庁時 速習 速習司法試験短答デジタル解説 連合国軍 連帯感 連立与党 連立政権 過激派 道州制 違和感 適正手続 選挙権 選挙準備 遺伝子 那覇市政 那覇市長 邪教 邪教信仰 都構想 都構想反対 都構想議論 都構想賛成 都民 都知事 都知事選 配給 重要判例コア・リスティング 野党 野田佳彦 金儲け 金権政治 金権貴族政治 金正恩 金融資本主義 金銭賠償 長谷川浩 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