I practice Japanese traditional martial arts mainly Iai (art of drawing the Japanese sword), Jo-Jyutsu or Jodo (form of martial art using oak stick) and Shuriken. Sometime practice Jitte (short truncheon with a hook) and Kusari-kama (weapon sickle and chain) as well.
Let me pickup shuriken today. Shuriken is Japanese traditional way of throwing knife or spike. Actually, we do not use same term ‘throw’ and instead use ‘utsu’ since it is kind of spin-less throw. I belong to specific school for iai and jo-jyutsu but free for shuriken.

Good thing in far backcountry is that we can have plenty of space to do this practice. No one watching. Accordingly, I made up huge shuriken target made of scrap wood that came out of my old traditional house renovation. Bad thing in backcountry is we need to keep mowing otherwise this target also back to nature very quick. Also once you lost shuriken in the bush, it is difficult to find. Use metal detector.

Some of my shrunken are here. Myself made most of left side, some are using lathe and some are forged. I went to blacksmith and lean how to forge for shuriken making. Right side shrunken are from market or from specific shuriken school. I wish I can make smithy and charcoal kiln here in future.

By the way, I can help learning Iai and Jo-jyutsu but not for shuriken. I recommend you to go specific famous school.
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