ARAFIFU generation will introduce the boots even the work to choose can put on this time.

When autumn comes, clothes will change it to boots, and change a footing. Shuutou boots are followed in 2020, and chain shoes is popular, but when elegant boots are chosen by the simplicity it's possible to put on even on an off day, even work is convenient. I'll suggest that shoes, a bag and an accessary will buy something of the price of some level in ARAFIFU generation.

↑上の画像の商品は、COACH テリー ブーティです
Goods of a picture on↑ are COACH Terry bootees.

個性的なスクエアトゥとフレア入りブロックヒールがレトロな雰囲気を添え、70年代風のひねりを効かせた流れるようなラインのブーティです。スムース レザーで丁寧に仕上げ、ベルト付きのアンクルストラップを配しました。ホース アンド キャリッジのバックルがアクセントを添えます。49,500円(税込)

Original square twos and block heels with flare are the bootees of the line which flows which added the retrospective atmosphere and made a crinkle of 70 time wind work. It was completed politely by SUMUSUREZA and Uncle strap with a belt was distributed. A hose and a buckle of a carriage add the accent. 49,500 yen (including tax)

1つめは、CORSO ROMA9 ブーティ ショートブーツです
1 are CORSO ROMA9 short boots of bootees.

イタリア・フィレンツエの靴専門ブランド CORSO ROMA9の本革レザーブーティー(ショートブーツ)です。安定感のある太ヒールで、歩きやすいチャンキーヒールは、レザーの中でもトップクラスのVitello(ヴィッテロ)と呼ばれるその革を使用しています。


The professional brand of shoes of Italian Florence Genuine leather leather bootees of CORSO ROMA9 (short boots). The chunky heel I tend to walk is made in the leather now using the leather called top-ranking Vitello (VITTERO) by a stable ta heel. Smooth texture is the careful beautiful leg silhouette which lost a wasteful thing by the simple shape by the feature and pursued beauty soft. A tight two of almonds produces characteristics of a lady tight.

イタリア製 ブーティ ショートブーツ レディース 太ヒール レザー 本革 ヒール アンクルブーツ ブランド おしゃれ CORSO ROMA 9 コルソローマ 9 黒 ブラック グレー 大きいサイズ 25cm 22cm

(2020/9/9 22:14時点)

2つめは、EMU Australia PIONEER チェルシーブーツです
2 are EMU Australia PIONEER Chelsea boots.



The brand born in Australia where mouton origination of boots is a place. It's pretty, they're Chelsea boots of a major achievement in various KODE by the item which is also added to KAKKOII. The boots which have poshness and have "accurately, sense"?
Flexible sheepskin fits tightly, so it's fashionable and is comfortable fit. Though air permeability is good and it's warm anytime in the boots, the soft inside boa is comfortable drily. 6 colors of development.

EMU チェルシーブーツ PIONEER パイオニア レディース 秋冬 ショート シープスキン ボア 天然素材 スエード 防水 通気性あり 無地 エミュー ブランド 正規品 ショートブーツ 本革 全7色 ブラック黒 22cm 23cm 24cm 25cm ヒール丈3.5cm

(2020/9/9 22:28時点)

3つめは、REGAL ロングブーツ ジョッキーブーツです
3 are REGAL thighboot jockey boots.


The silhouette rather longer than jockey boots and a soft sense are simple thighboot of the feature. I recommend a moderate casual sense for 1 pair easy to use as the basic item by which the clean silhouette isn't influenced by a trend simply.

【あす楽】【送料無料】リーガル レディース REGAL ロングブーツ ジョッキーブーツ 本革 レザー F92K チャンキーヒール 太ヒール スエード 黒 ブラック ブラウン evid |5

(2020/9/9 22:35時点)


Fit is simple and is the design to which tiredness doesn't come well, so when I have 1 pair, the genuine leather boots are convenient. I introduced elegant boots by the simplicity even work can put on. Please consult.

↓ ランキングに参加中なので、ポチっと押していただけたら励みになります


にほんブログ村 OL日記ブログ アラフィフOLへ






I'll introduce a natural stone of a handmade accessary and the site from which parts can be bought at the reasonable price this time.

A pierced earring, a necklace, a bracelet, a hairpin and a nail will be a fashionable point. It'll be fun time to combine favorite parts and make an original accessary with DIY goods by oneself. It's possible to decide from the favorite design, so there is a satisfaction. When it's possible to buy a natural stone of a power stone and a necklace at the reasonable price, it's possible to make your child and my friend, too.















[The feature of the fashion accessary site]

* A cobblestone, silver, a pearl, a natural stone, an Austrian crystal, the beads made with a crystal and an attachment, retail sale and a wholesale site.

* An English site is being also managed, so the best goods are reported to a lot of customers in all over the world.

* High-quality goods of overseas catalog selling can be bought.

* Acrylic fiber beads, SUWAROFUSUKIKURISUTARUBIZU, seed beads, a glass bead, lamp work beads, European beads and rhinestone beads are the selection and overwhelming inexpensiveness of more than 110,000 kinds for jewelry beads.

* Pendant top and a charm of accessary parts, a cap of beads of basic metal fittings, spacer beads, pin kinds, can kinds, parts for earring pierced earring ring bracelet necklace making, a clasp, end parts, the design, the quality and necessary to handmade production are the selection and overwhelming inexpensiveness of more than 170,000 kinds.

* A frame, connector parts and an arrangement pedestal can be bought from a resin of a trend at the fire-sale price now.

* All kind of articles of beads are offered to from storage and packing a tool from a jewelry box of the various colors, shapes and designs to a jewelry display.

* A chain, a ribbon, cable and a wire, etc. are cheaper than cheap for thread for accessaries, it's sold. The kind and the material have a large selection of excellent goods in KOSUPA by more than 15000 points of selection brass, stainless steel, an alloy, 925 silver, aluminum, leather and nylon.

* A decoration, a wine accessary and key chain are arranging a pierced earring, an earring, a bracelet, a bangle, a necklace, a ring, a ring, a jewelry set, a body jewelry, a watch, a clock, a brooch and a cell phone accessary in order in houfu.

* A hairpin, a barrette, 'kanzashi', hair rubber, Katyusha, fire-sale basic material of a hair clip and basic metal fittings are offered. The type with a basic kit for child beginners and a meal dish for UV resin craft which are a trend now is being also arranged in order.

* A rivet, sewing rhinestone parts, a bowknot ribbon, Paci of clothes, wool, a crochet hook and a knitting needle are picked up and a dress and its ornaments ingredient, the sewing equipment, knitting articles and a tool of handicrafts are being sold to a finger can variously.

It's the stocking site which is recommended to the person who would like to make a necklace of his birthstone, a pierced earring and a bracelet of an original power stone, so please use the person who would like to enjoy accessary making.

↓ ランキングに参加中なので、ポチっと押していただけたら励みになります

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