The attendant ingredients which enjoy the house rice which is also recommended to a gift

Work becomes slow and there are a person who eats out and a person who enjoys dinner at a house, too. A dish of rice is in a groove, and there are a lot of people who waver in a menu, too. A daily meal is one of pleasantness, so when a garnish is devised, it's possible to enjoy itself. The attendant ingredients which enjoy house rice are the goods which are also recommended to a gift.

It'll also have rice of gift★ popularity with O of rice for goods on↑, I accompany, it's with "eaten sukiyaki".


・韓国万能だれ ねぎ塩味 (130グラム)


・信州のお漬物 おかか生姜醤油漬 (80グラム)


・旨味豊かな昆布だし (8グラム×5包)


・黒豆でつくった、食べる醤油 (140グラム)


・ゴロゴロほぐし焼鯖 (80グラム)


・食べるすき焼き (130グラム)


・風味豊かな万能だし (8グラム×5包)


【価格】 4,480円 (本体 4,149円)

[The set contents]

* Korean all-around dragging 130 grams of leek salty taste

Welsh onion and salt dragging into which onion has been built fragrantly with sesame and sesame oil.

* Pickles from Shinshu In ginger soy sauce of dried bonito flakes 80 grams

Soy sauce flavored dried bonito flakes by which ginger smells fit warm rice.

* 8 grams of konbu dashi with abundant flavorx 5 packages

Hidaka kelp is recommended to a dish using the material with simple soup stock of a base.

* 140 grams of eaten soy sauce made with black soybeans

A particular gem with domestic black soybeans which taste sweet and even go well with rice, vegetables and everything.

* It thunders, 80 grams of disentangling baking mackerel

It'll have rice for rich mackerel made in Norway, as well as accompanying it can also be used for an arrangement.

* 130 grams of eaten sukiyaki

The flavor of the sukiyaki is much, even if I call even if it's put, it's good eaten sukiyaki.

* It's flavorful, it's all-around, and 8 grams x 5 packages.

Dried bonito made in Yaizu and the particular soup stock which blended Hidaka kelp.

[The price]

4480 yen (the body of 4149 yen)






The brand to which the pleasant lifestyle which made the food the center is proposed.

The shop where the original wine, jam and pasta sauce made at an in-house factory in Nagano-ken Iizunacho are being sold to the center.

The seasoning such as the familiar all-around stock, liquor, snack and delicacy have a large selection of the rich goods which made the total a theme.


Popular Niagara and N sparkling gift


・ナイアガラブラン2019 (750ml)


・Nスパークリング (750ml)


【価格】 3,850円 (本体 3,500円)


[The set contents]

* Niagara brandy 2019 750ml

The fragrance of Muscat system of SANKUZERU popular No.1 is the sweet wine which is the full tea which spreads.

* N sparkling 750ml

It's the fragrance of the refreshing Muscat system and is a sparkling of the fruity taste.

[The price]

3850 yen (the body of 3500 yen)

It's rich in the seasoning, the liquor, the snack and the delicacy which can be enjoyed by adding one piece to house rice. It's also recommended to a small present and a gift, so please add to a daily meal and enjoy oneself.

− Thinking aloud −




Going to school time was 2 hours, so a point of arrangement often played with my local friend who cries with a classmate around a student, I met my friend who was doing deep talk reciprocally again accidentally in high school days. She went to a college and got married and had a baby after that, so it became separate from oneself who advanced towards the field he crosses to a university.

The person cutest at a junior high school and the person who was a beauty most at a high school do an old tale at a cafe a little, and get married and have a child together, and I start new business, and it's said that they live. There were also no cases that the grade spoke about same so much, so I think I wouldn't know me.

When I was a high school student, I was playing with a friend of a lesson and localness, so school life of a junior high school and high school days is far old talk. A part-time job and a lesson were being also done at a design company and a building companies college days, so my friends are several, too. A lifestyle will become a working member of society and is done respectively, so you become estranged, right?

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I'll introduce freezing paella as much as I bake it by a frying pan convenient for a home party this time.

If made one is the cooking which just bakes the one which becomes freezing, without wholesale purchase and a cut of the ingredients, a home party and the ingredients which are recommended to the person who barbecues in a weekend by the family and enjoys himself can enjoy themselves easily. It's time when it's important to communicate and have a fun meal while drinking liquor slowly. It's the freezing series which is just baked by a frying pan that paella and AHIJO which take time and effort can be enjoyed close to cook.

Pictures on↑ are shrimp and seafood paella.


Rice of paella does cooking for 5 minutes with an earthen pot tightly, and freezes and combines 3 layers of soup, paella rice and topping material at the moment in the fresh state respectively, and is made. Koshihikari made in Ishikawa-ken is used 100 %. When boiling it by a frying pan in a home, soup begins to melt carefully, and the flavor will make water occur, and is that steam does the whole by steam of enough soup and is the finish of the authentic paella just made. A copy of seafood and vegetables sometimes change with a season, but the good material of the time is prepared. When it's dealt out 3-for 4 people by a party tightly for 2 people for a meal, it's the good amount exactly. 1782 yen (including tax)

自宅で簡単!本格・冷凍パエリア通販。【パンdeパエリア パーティ】北陸の味覚をお届け

AHIJO of sweet shrimp

甘海老のアヒージョです。ヘルシーなオリーブオイルにニンニクとチリ、具材を入れてグツグツの高温で煮込むことで、具材の出汁がたっぷり染み込んだオイルをパン等につけて食べると、前菜やおつまみとして最高の美味しさです。全て無添加の高品質エキストラヴァージンオリーブオイルを使用しているので、油っこくなくさっぱり食べることができます。一つ一つ便利で簡単な個別パックになっています。調理方法は解凍したものを小鍋にうつしグツグツ煮込んだら、耐熱容器にうつして出来上がりです。パンにのせて食べたり、オイルにパンを浸して食べるとおいしいです。(896円 税込)

Spain is the TAPASU (small plate) dish born south more than Madrid. The freshness by which landing is immediately could be filed just as it is.
AHIJO of sweet shrimp. I simmer including garlic, dust and topping material in healthy olive oil, when soup stock of topping material is to boil hotly and puts and eats the oil into which I sank much for bread, it's the best gusto as an appetizer and a snack. All additive-free high-quality extra virgin olive oil is used, so it isn't oily and it's possible to eat entirely. It's convenient and is an easy individual pack one by one. A recipe moves defrosted one to the pannikin, and I simmer, if it's boiled, it's moved to the heat-resistant container, and it's finish. When I load bread down and eat, and soaks bread in oil and eats, it's good. (Including 896 yen tax)

Raw ham made in Italy (prosciutto)

イタリアンプロシュート(生ハム)は天然塩を擦り込み職人が1年以上熟成管理して仕上げています。本場アンティークスライサーを用意して、ご注文ごとに極薄にスライスし、切り立てをそのまま瞬間冷凍し、あえて真空にせずに密閉してお送りしています。本場の淡い口溶けを楽しめます。(950円 税込)

Natural salt is rubbed and a craftsman manages maturely for more than 1 year, and Italian prosciutto (raw ham) has been completed. Preparing a central antique slicer, and every ordering, it's sliced sheerly, it's cut and building is frozen at the moment just as it is, and mixing, and without forming a vacuum, I'm shutting and am sending. A central light mouth dissolution can be enjoyed. (Including 950 yen tax)


I go home from work and just heat the frozen ingredients, and paella and AHIJO can be enjoyed while drinking liquor at night on a weekend. Time to save the time when a meal is made and enjoy a meal slowly can be made. There is also a trial party set convenient for a home party, so please try it.


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