I'll introduce a periodontal care supplement for a pet dog as much as I mix with the rice which blended Brice bacteria this time.

Man maintains health of the whole body at stopping a cavity and periodontitis by keeping a tooth cleanly. A periodontal germ affects an organ of a profit and build concerning a blood vessel, so like man, a dog and a cat, a tooth, it's important to brush the teeth as it won't be a cavity and periodontitis. There is a senior dog at my home, so you take tartar at a hospital, and the supplement added to tooth brushing gum and rice is being given.













[The feature of the supplement]

* It's the floury supplement an active dental doctor supervised, so I'm relieved.

* The relieved supplement which stuck to only an additive-free ingredient of natural origin.

* It's being produced at a domestic factory of GMP authorization, so I'm relieved.

* You can just add to daily rice and do a mouth of a pet dog and a pet cat and care in the gut easily.

* It's the separate packing type of the use type, so I don't measure, so it's convenient.

* They're powder-like insipidity and no odor, so it's possible to give it without impossibility without the taste's of the rice changing.

* Brice bacteria (good man bacteria) are being combined, so I take tartar and dirt and have the effect which stops periodontal trouble.

* A lactobacillus and oligo saccharide are also combined, so the halitosis arranges a gut and it's also the supplement which can care.

* A supplement includes a dietary fiber, so it's easy to digest and health is maintained and the immunity power and the resistance are kept.

It's possible to continue the dog and the cat which acquire the habit that a toothbrush is done from time of the puppy without a stress and hate feeling, but time is not, and the periodontal care which is just mixed with rice is convenient for the dog which opens the mouth and dislikes a toothbrush and a cat. I want you to be here healthily forever, so please give me a supplement as a custom of breath care.

ー Thinking aloud ー




Remoteness takes a new lifestyle in by PANDEMIKKU of worldwide coronavirus, and also becomes a lot work, but how do you have time? I know that this new-style coronavirus is close relation like genetic science in the coronavirus a bat has, but the route of infection to a person is unclear from a person, so it's important to shift the distance and time the hand wash and the gargle are made brisk, and to stop mitsu. There are a lot of opinions my close friend doesn't make infection so much that a person of a science faculty is increasing a life all usually by a pilot and a doctor. This new-style virus says that it's easier for a Caucasian to infect than Japanese.

I'm doing work of a PC and a glass work, so dust and, I taint and am conscientious with cleaning and washing, so when the distance is also a sneeze and a cough by a so close reason making the hand wash and the gargle ordinary, and when meeting my friend and speaking, a handkerchief, the mouth was hit, so I was surprised that hand soaps didn't sell them around here. They buy the size and pass away by and by 2 liters with a net quickly, so I think I'll buy it at a net again. Usually, the productivity of the living activities is considered, so there are a lot of deliveries for consumables of daily necessities and a food. Science faculty girls have the respective deep fields, and a common hobby has something to discuss happily each time, so long, an affiliation, it is, but I think that a construction model is also fascinating from my friend with the adviser of DIY goods who doesn't have to write it on my personal history especially. There were a lot of housewives who acquire real estate and building for apartment purchase, too, so I thought it was important for qualification of a hobby often also to balance with qualification necessary to work. It's said to be "To reduce time to be bathed in blue light and live." for now from a doctor by eyestrain, so I think I'll do in the summer holidays when a body is rested. (A chat became long. Thank you very much for reading.)

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I'll introduce convenient kyuuesautsuwa where kyuuesa timer setting for a pet dog will be also done at a going out destination this time.

A pet is the important family. When I'm out, I'm interested in a meal of a senior dog of my home and physical condition. It's French Bull-Dog, so it's the character which is stubborn and gentle by the pace, but as I get the year, I'm sleeping all the while, and it barks to tell the desire suddenly. An ear is difficult to hear in particular and it'll be, and I become poor-sighted, so I'm smelling the house by smell and am checking it. Before's not forming a habit, breakfast was given and rice was given in the evening in around 19 o'clock after I got up but there seems to be stomach's time and there is a demand of rice at 4:00 and 15:00 early in the morning.



・スマホのカメラやマイクやスピーカーと連動することで、 離れたペットの様子を確認することもリアルタイム・リアルボイスでペットに呼びかけることも可能です


・10〜100グラムまで10 グラム単位で設定でき、毎回違う量に設定可能です








[The salary, the feature of the food container]

* The automation salary food capacity of the new generation when Wi-Fi communication was used with SUMAHOAPURI (smart pet feeder).

* It's also possible to appeal to a pet to confirm the state of the pet which is to be connected with a camera of SUMAHO, a microphone and a loudspeaker and is away by a real time realistic voice.

* Even 4 times a day, it's possible to establish it by 1 minute unit over 24 hours (ON/OFF change in the timer salary feed of each time is also possible by single touch.)

* It can be established by 10 gram unit up to 10-100 grams, and it's possible to set it as the amount different each time.

* It's possible to establish a kyuuesa timer from outside, so it's rice right now by a set, it's given, forget be

It's notified smart phone of by timing of the* salary feed.

* It's possible to check it anytime by a real time view animation (It's possible to record on tape and take a picture.)

* There is a function which can play owner's voice simultaneously with good rice.

* It's with conversation function microphone and a loudspeaker.

* It can be washed, and they're clean hood tank and tray.



When going home becomes slow, they're rice and the goods which are recommended to the person who worries about why there is a pet dog at a house, so please try it out. My home is spending the room temperature by setting 23 times according to the weak pet dog in the heat. A dog is the wise animal which also becomes a police dog and a guide dog, so a chicanery of a human word doesn't connect, so I find myself to be managing a life in a pet dog actually.

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