Vegetables will introduce a recipe of French easy ratatouille much this time.

I'm careful of a meal but interested in vitamin and lack of vegetables, so to have time healthily every day a supplement has been also accepted. I'd like to pass the vegetables much, so I take steamed vegetables more than fresh greens and often eat. Ratatouille is French local food from Nice and is the dish which boils summer vegetables including a spice, but vegetables also change with a season. It's also possible to add to bread, pasta and rice as a side dish, so it'll be also a box lunch dish.


・なす 1本
・ズッキーニ 1本
・パプリカ 1個
・玉ねぎ 1/2玉
・トマト 2個
・セロリ 1本
・にんにく 1片
・コンソメキューブ  1個
・ハーブソルト 小さじ2
・唐辛子 お好みの量
・白ワイン 100cc


1 なす、ズッキーニ、パプリカ、玉ねぎ、トマト、セロリを一口サイズにカットします

2 にんにくをスライスします

3 鍋にオリーブオイルを入れ、2を入れ香りが出るまで弱火で熱します

4 3に1を入れ、弱火で炒めます

5 4に白ワイン、ハーブソルト、唐辛子、コンソメキューブを入れ、蓋をして中火で約7分程度蒸したら出来上がりです


送料無料 イチオシ食パン詰め合わせセット 麻布十番モンタボー | お取り寄せ グルメ パン 高級パン 食パン 高級 取り寄せ 詰合せ 詰め合わせ グルメ お試し セット モンドセレクション おすすめ レーズン 吟屋久島 おためしセット デニッシュ 牛乳 北海道 モンタボー 母の日

(2020/9/12 22:18時点)

< the material> (for 2 people)

* Accomplished 1
* 1 zucchini
* 1 of paprika
* 1/2 balls of onion
* 2 tomatoes
* A bottle of celery
* A piece of garlic
* Consomme Cube 1
* Herb salt Teaspoon 2
* A red chili pepper The amount you like.
* White wine 100cc.

< how to make>

1 Eggplant, zucchini, paprika, onion, tomato and celery are cut in the bite size.

2 Garlic is sliced.

3 Olive oil is put in a pot and it's heated by low flame until it's aromatic including 2.

It's fried by low flame including 1 in 4 3.

If 5 4 is covered including white wine, herb salt, red chili pepper and consomme Cube and it's steamed for about about 7 minutes by medium heat, it's finish.

Even if seasonal vegetables are put in, a chick-pea and asparagus are good. It can be preserved, so you can mix with bread and pasta, bake it with cheese and adapt. Even a whole tomato can is made, so please make me.

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I'll introduce the recipe baking easiness of mashed potatoes using rice flour this time.

Baking built flour and buckwheat flour up and wrapped topping material, and baked adzuki beans and vegetables by the leather increased thin, and is learned about as local food from Nagano-ken. Baking of nozawana is a favorite. It fits the snack when being a little hungry, but it's voluminous, so it'll be also rice. I don't want to pass the flour so much, so I use rice flour as substitution.


・じゃがいも 6個
・牛乳 500ml
・米粉 130グラム
・片栗粉 50グラム
・塩 少々
・バター 適量


1 じゃがいもを水洗いし、皮をむき、ラップをして電子レンジで火を通します

2 ボールに1と電子レンジで温めた牛乳を入れ、つぶしていきます

3 2に米粉、片栗粉、塩を加えよくこねます

4 8等分にし、お餅のように丸く平べったくします

5 バターを溶かしたフライパンに入れ、両面をこんがりした色がつくまで焼いて出来上がりです


■お好きな具材が選べるセット■【送料無料】【おやき12個、好きな具材を選べるセット】【野沢菜・きのこ・なす・野菜・にら・ポテト・あんこ・かぼちゃ・切干大根】【信州 長野 長野県 お土産】【美包 信寿食】 お取り寄せグルメ 雪村そば 美包

(2020/8/31 16:20時点)

< the material> (for 8)

* 6 potatoes
* Milk 500ml.
* 130 grams of rice flour
* 50 grams of starch
* Salt A little.
* Butter Proper amount.

< how to make>

1 I wash potato in water, peel skin, wrap and cook it by a microwave.

2 It'll be filled up with 1 and a microwave including the milk heated up in a ball.

Rice flour, starch and salt are added to 3 2 and it's often kneaded.

4 It's made 8 equal parts and it's made flat like rice cake.

5 It's baked, and it's finish until the brown color puts butter in a melted frying pan, and thrusts at both sides.

Without putting topping material in, it's baked and potato is built up in itself, and it's crowded. Italian a look lacks, and can arrange and eat JUNOPEZESOSU, too, so please make me.

ー Thinking aloud ー




思えば足を骨折して太った時期をのぞいて、20代と比べ、40代で確実に体重が10 キロ太ったことが恐ろしいです。最近髪がまとまりにくくなり困っていましたが、新商品をつかったら見違えるように復活しました。基礎化粧品も歳と共に変わりますが、シャンプー類も新調したので、また今月から頑張ろうと思います。私の今月の地道な目標は、歯医者へ行くこと、美容院へ行くことです。


社会人と接する最低限のマナー 社会人の心得編(リクナビより)

It became cool for night, and I came to hear voice of a bug, but a day with severe late summer heat continues. Dining together with a client has continued and has been eating out a week with liquor. It's possible to eat something good, so dining together is wonderful, but I'm tired from feeling strained more than the taste is enjoyed. I think it'll be September and there are a lot of people who have moved in the summer holidays by a change, too.

When a person wanted newly at the company made familiar, it was consulted about, and you asked an interviewer to want you to see from the view point of a lady. I was run after by a mail check of the application in August and tested the typing rate of the PC and business manners by the first test and the last interview completely by conversation in English. There was something which would like to ask an opinion about 1 from 3 questions about a problem. (1) it's about a (3) radial tire about (2) photovoltaic generation about wind power generation. 2 first half men of twenties who are young and have a part-time job experience by an IT company and first half men of thirties with the ready fighting power with the head hunting were an adoption decision, and work in 1 month and a half ended and was relieved of its burden. When thinking, it's still influence of Corona to the new employee, first, and the person who doesn't go to the office, you're here, right?

I have the T-shirt and the legging by which I rested, put it on this year and knocked down tightly made by a sale, and, clothes kinds, danshari was done. I still feel hot and wear a dress around. Exposure of a barefoot isn't liked, so though I'd like to put a legging together, I sweat heavily, so it's given up. You can do figure covering of a skirt, so it's convenient, but it's dangerous that it can't be confirmed that a stomach and a foot gained weight. When thinking, the thing by which the weight gained weight certainly in forties compared with twenties except for the time when I broke the foot and gained weight 10 kilometers is fearful. Hair became difficult to be gathered recently, and I was in trouble, but if a new product was used, I restored so that it might be mistaken. Skin care products also change with the year, but I have also had shampoo kinds made, so I think I'll exert myself from this month again. My steady target of this month is to go to the dentist's and to go to a beauty salon.

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