I'll introduce a recipe of the easy vanilla ice cream made at home this time.

It's in a house and I make Suites Hotel, enjoy myself and change the pace easily. When I'll make and put on the ice cream I sometimes feel like eating by my favorite seasoning when I go out, you're able to load a toast down, eat and eat with fruits.


・牛乳 200cc
・生クリーム 100cc
・卵黄 2個
・きび砂糖 50グラム
・バニラエッセンス 適量


1 鍋に牛乳ときび砂糖を入れ、沸騰しないように温めます

2 ボールに卵黄を入れ、溶きます

3 1を濾し器をつかいながら入れ、混ぜます

4 鍋に3をもどし、軽く温めます

5 ボールに生クリームを入れ7分立てにします

6 5のボールを氷水で冷やし、4を濾し器をつかい少しづつ入れ混ぜます

7 6にバニラエッセンスを加え、混ぜます

8 7をタッパーに入れ、粗熱をとり、冷凍庫で1時間冷やし、軽く混ぜ、さらに1時間冷凍庫で冷やして出来上がりです


TVや雑誌で話題の贅沢なアイスクリーム 1つ1つ職人の手作りで日本一美味しいと言われる味をご堪能下さい。600円、1500円OFFクーポン発行中!送料無料!フレーバーが選べる6個セット

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< the material> (for 2 people)

* Milk 200cc.
* Fresh cream 100cc.
* 2 yolks
* 50 grams of millet sugar
* Vanilla essence Proper amount.

< how to make>

1 Milk and millet sugar are put in a pot, and it's heated up so as not to boil.

2 Yolk is put in a ball and it's melted.

3 1 is inserted and mixed while filtering and using a container.

4 3 is returned to a pot and it's heated up lightly.

5 Fresh cream is put in a ball and it's done to build for 7 minutes.

A ball of 6 5 is cooled by ice water, 4 is filtered, it's put in a little using a container and it's mixed.

Vanilla essence is added to 7 6 and it's mixed.

I put 8 7 in tupperware, get roughness heat, cool for 1 hour by a freezer and mix lightly, and moreover it's cooled by a freezer for 1 hour, and it's finish.

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My grandfather made the book which was being read the sun drying. Sentences were anomalous Japanese syllabary, so the beginning had trouble reading. My grandfather likes the fatherhood and reading, and reading is the everyday living part itself, too. I have begun to think whether the favorite field is also heredity recently. A hardback was 1100 yen for my book a hardback published 15 years ago for 490 yen at the price of the those days. A book is the time read by the smart phon, but when the book I wanted to read recently is bought at a hardback finally, now has been already 1700 yen. Writing with a pen and a tag are stuck like a reference book, and is absorbed in reading in reading a book by an usual habit.

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Easy lassi recipe with nutritious yogurt

The drink which becomes eating when eating curry by the taste by which Lassie who used Indian yogurt felt refreshed. Fruits can be added and arranged by a taste based on yogurt. The protein, the fat matter and the carbohydrates which are 3 big nutriment are included in yogurt, and it's the nutriment with which muscle and blood are made, so it's said to be healthy food.


・無糖ヨーグルト 100グラム
・牛乳 200cc
・はちみつ 大さじ3
・レモン汁 大さじ2


1 シェーカーに、無糖ヨーグルト、牛乳、はちみつ、レモン汁を入れて振ったら出来上がりです


インドカレーお試しセット ≪初回限定≫ 送料無料 神戸アールティー 選べるカレー2品(170g)と、ナン(1枚)またはライス(200g)1枚を選べる2品の合計4品セット! / インドレストラン直送 カレー スパイス 香辛料 インド料理 専門店 通販 smtb-k kb RCP

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< the material> (for 2 servings)

* 100 grams of sugarless yogurt
* Milk 200cc.
* Honey Tablespoon 3.
* Drop of lemon juice Tablespoon 2.

< how to make>

1 If it's used on a shaker including sugarless yogurt, milk, honey and drop of lemon juice, it's finish.

You like and it's also possible to make including ice and fruits using a blender. It's also recommended to a drink of breakfast, so please make me by all means.

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It's generally performed that a Star Festival (Star Festival) writes a wish on a strip of paper by Japan and displays it in a leaf bamboo on July 7. It has started from the Edo Period, and it's said that it's a custom only in Japan. "The evening in a dawn" "Star Festival" is performed by a festival during early morning on July 7 from night on July 6 in (around 1:00am July 7). It's said that 3, the Milky Way, Cowherd Star and Vega are the time which becomes best time.

A private affair was written by an article on February 1, 2020, but a community site will be closing without exchanging the phone number with the person who met by a community site (It wasn't the dating site.), and it's regretted that trouble has been caused by its mistake and that a phone number exchange of an appointment isn't done, and when I'm sorry to the partner, it's remembered for a long time all the while. If a wish is written on a strip of paper, I'd like to write "being possible to meet sometime". For more information, please read an article in the past.

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