I'll introduce the pipe cleaner for which a jam of the drain in humid time is taken this time.

Time of the humid rainy season, I'm interested in the smell of my body odor and the linen kinds, the drain in a house was clammy, mold becomes dirty and propagates, so when I don't clean briskly, it's serious. Work using a PC is being done, so I'm very interested in dust, but a dog is also kept, and it's a house dust, so when it isn't being cleaned, a room is the useless character.






【セット】ピーピースルーF 600g×2本入 業務用排水管洗浄剤【和協産業の強力配管洗浄剤/排水口/排水溝/つまり/掃除/業務用パイプ洗浄剤・強力パイプクリーナーで不安を解消】【宅配便送料無料】【あす楽対応_関東】 (6038803)

(2020/6/19 23:22時点)

"Bleep through F" sold from wakyou industry. The drain a flow became bad for which has the time when a lot of dirt collects and is clogged. When stocking up 1 of this "bleep through F", it can be settled quickly more than it's clogged in late at night, and traders are rushed and called.

When it's used for cleaning of the drain and a drain once a week, it's convenient. It's sprinkled on the drain in the kitchen, the restroom and the bath. A bleep through melts in hot water of 40 times-50 times, and dirt is taken apart. I think it's better to wear a mask so as not to draw in the powder which did a rubber glove, opened the window, ventilated and soared so as not to arrive at hand skin when using it. If a bleep through is the drain, it's possible to use everywhere, but it can't be used for a restroom stuff.

A bleep through can be bought at big home improvement center and net. "Bleep through F" 600 grams of detergent is included. "Bleep through F" is the alkalinity which is for domestic use but stronger than over-the-counter PAIPUYUNISSHU, so it's convenient for a drainage jam. It also has a good cost performance, so it's recommended to the person who worries about a jam of the drain, so please try it out.

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I'll introduce the convenient juicer which has no blades into which vegetables and fruit can be thrown wholly this time.

The person who worries about disorder of a living habit of vegetables and lack of a fruit and a health-conscious person are trying to take Smoothie and a vegetable dish. It's difficult to take all necessary vegetables on the 1st in for health, so I think there are a lot of people drinking SAPUMENTO as a help food, too, but I'd like to take much nourishment for a dish.

↑上の商品は、ホールスロージューサー EVO-820です
Goods on↑ are hole slow juicer EVO-820.
















[The feature of the hole slow juicer]

* Winning a prize reki a lot, the trust used habitually in 80 worlds and the brand with a good record of performance.

* It's a hole slow juicer of a popular late model at Europe commented on with Rolls-Royce of a juicer (the latest premium model of manufacturer formal On-line limitation).

* The fashionable design as which the leather pattern with the poshness and the mat character were adopted.

* There are no blades, so frictional heat doesn't occur, and loss of nutriment is suppressed in a minimum.

* Earlier, absorption in the body of nutriment can take nutriment more effectively more than vegetables and fruit are eaten just as it is by low-speed compression technology.

* The time when vegetables and fruit are cut with the wide investment mouth of the 82mm which can be thrown tappingly can be reduced.

* Washing doesn't also occupy room by compact size and the sound is also quiet and is also easy.

* Under guarantee, a customer support of relieved substantiality manufacturer direct sale regular items is the whole country free delivery.

The lay is also good for a body just as it is.

I'd like to eat vegetables and fruit aggressively for a body.

But well, the way where I took juice by a slow juicer more than I ate just as it is.

Nutritional absorbing ratio to a body is raised substantially.

It's that juice makes sure slowly that the material will be ground up by the stone mill system, and it's picked out without breaking the original nutriment the material has. The best way which considered a body.


A silent juicer, a blender, yogurt and the product by which a cheese manufacturer stuck to the design and functionality through get high evaluation from media of the world and many people including a hole slow juicer. Please introduce to beauty culture, a diet, juice cleansing and a daily healthy life.

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