The attendant ingredients which enjoy the house rice which is also recommended to a gift

Work becomes slow and there are a person who eats out and a person who enjoys dinner at a house, too. A dish of rice is in a groove, and there are a lot of people who waver in a menu, too. A daily meal is one of pleasantness, so when a garnish is devised, it's possible to enjoy itself. The attendant ingredients which enjoy house rice are the goods which are also recommended to a gift.

It'll also have rice of gift★ popularity with O of rice for goods on↑, I accompany, it's with "eaten sukiyaki".


・韓国万能だれ ねぎ塩味 (130グラム)


・信州のお漬物 おかか生姜醤油漬 (80グラム)


・旨味豊かな昆布だし (8グラム×5包)


・黒豆でつくった、食べる醤油 (140グラム)


・ゴロゴロほぐし焼鯖 (80グラム)


・食べるすき焼き (130グラム)


・風味豊かな万能だし (8グラム×5包)


【価格】 4,480円 (本体 4,149円)

[The set contents]

* Korean all-around dragging 130 grams of leek salty taste

Welsh onion and salt dragging into which onion has been built fragrantly with sesame and sesame oil.

* Pickles from Shinshu In ginger soy sauce of dried bonito flakes 80 grams

Soy sauce flavored dried bonito flakes by which ginger smells fit warm rice.

* 8 grams of konbu dashi with abundant flavorx 5 packages

Hidaka kelp is recommended to a dish using the material with simple soup stock of a base.

* 140 grams of eaten soy sauce made with black soybeans

A particular gem with domestic black soybeans which taste sweet and even go well with rice, vegetables and everything.

* It thunders, 80 grams of disentangling baking mackerel

It'll have rice for rich mackerel made in Norway, as well as accompanying it can also be used for an arrangement.

* 130 grams of eaten sukiyaki

The flavor of the sukiyaki is much, even if I call even if it's put, it's good eaten sukiyaki.

* It's flavorful, it's all-around, and 8 grams x 5 packages.

Dried bonito made in Yaizu and the particular soup stock which blended Hidaka kelp.

[The price]

4480 yen (the body of 4149 yen)






The brand to which the pleasant lifestyle which made the food the center is proposed.

The shop where the original wine, jam and pasta sauce made at an in-house factory in Nagano-ken Iizunacho are being sold to the center.

The seasoning such as the familiar all-around stock, liquor, snack and delicacy have a large selection of the rich goods which made the total a theme.


Popular Niagara and N sparkling gift


・ナイアガラブラン2019 (750ml)


・Nスパークリング (750ml)


【価格】 3,850円 (本体 3,500円)


[The set contents]

* Niagara brandy 2019 750ml

The fragrance of Muscat system of SANKUZERU popular No.1 is the sweet wine which is the full tea which spreads.

* N sparkling 750ml

It's the fragrance of the refreshing Muscat system and is a sparkling of the fruity taste.

[The price]

3850 yen (the body of 3500 yen)

It's rich in the seasoning, the liquor, the snack and the delicacy which can be enjoyed by adding one piece to house rice. It's also recommended to a small present and a gift, so please add to a daily meal and enjoy oneself.

− Thinking aloud −




Going to school time was 2 hours, so a point of arrangement often played with my local friend who cries with a classmate around a student, I met my friend who was doing deep talk reciprocally again accidentally in high school days. She went to a college and got married and had a baby after that, so it became separate from oneself who advanced towards the field he crosses to a university.

The person cutest at a junior high school and the person who was a beauty most at a high school do an old tale at a cafe a little, and get married and have a child together, and I start new business, and it's said that they live. There were also no cases that the grade spoke about same so much, so I think I wouldn't know me.

When I was a high school student, I was playing with a friend of a lesson and localness, so school life of a junior high school and high school days is far old talk. A part-time job and a lesson were being also done at a design company and a building companies college days, so my friends are several, too. A lifestyle will become a working member of society and is done respectively, so you become estranged, right?

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にほんブログ村 OL日記ブログ アラフィフOLへ







The natural base make-up for which a bare skin in ARAFIFU generation was utilized

A way of make-up is also changing with the age and the time, so when the same make-up as young time is being done, ARAFIFU generation will be an aged impression like "aunt". The natural make-up which is to the extent I make up and add, a little utilizes a bare skin, and is an agreeable impression.

When I wear a mask and am living, there are a lot of people who have caused trouble roughness, too, but they're an eyebrow and an eye to want to have an expression importantly by a mask because I hide. It looks plane-like, but it's possible to be to make it three-dimensional by adding the color and take out a kindly impression.

The way to improve the wrinkles and the bear which have come out by the age as much as possible by daily skin care and not to depend on make-up isn't a burden for skin. A smiling face of the person who repeated the good year conversely is felt very attractively. A plump smiling face will imagine the future, and doesn't cease, I'd like to be a grandmother.

AYURA バランシングプライマー センシティブ EX
AYURA Balancing primer Sensitive EX.



A cosmetic prize is the skin lotion which is led to won feeling of the transparency and a healthy type with flexible acupuncture. Whitening make-up liquid for sensitive surfaces where roughness and dryness are stopped and it's led to gloss with acupuncture and the Japanese syllabary type.

It can be easy use and be complete in the healthy surface where moistening continues. Fragrance-free, uncoloring and weak acidity, alcohol mineral oil and a preservative (ester parahydroxybenzoate) are without additives, and patch test finish by cooperation and allergy to the sensitive skin are already tested.

コスメ賞受賞! バランシングプライマー センシティブ EX (医薬部外品) 敏感肌用化粧液 100mL 無香料、無着色、弱酸性 アルコール・鉱物油・防腐剤(パラベン)無添加 ayura アユーラ

(2020/9/21 01:31時点)

AYURA fサインディフェンス ケアティントBB
AYURA f signature defense Care tint BB



Foundation of multiple functions for sensitive surfaces where worrisome roughness, the effect with which the color shading by which it's for a pimple mark is covered perfectly and the skin care effect as which the attentive skin against which moisture of skin is defended is trained were condensed into 1. SPF22 and PA++

Water barrier complex (xylitol, a OUBAKU abstraction extract, a gingko leaf abstraction extract and glycerine: Keeping moist) combination
Patch test finish and allergy by fragrance-free and cooperation of alcohol mineral oil, a preservative (ester parahydroxybenzoate) and the one of ultraviolet absorbing agent additive-free and a sensitive type are already tested (I don't say that allergy and skin stimulation don't occur to any ones.)

fサインディフェンス ケアティントBB 30g 4色 敏感肌用 ファンデーション SPF22 PA 無香料 パラベン無添加アユーラayura BBクリーム ノンケミカル

(2020/9/21 01:38時点)

COSME DECORTE Face powder.



It's the face powder I match so that I may dissolve in skin wetly by a light and smooth touch like silk best. Pores are led to hiding considering the muck and the type I feel like touching unconsciously.

The fine and elegant finish itself was beautifully continues a bare skin. Organic silk powder (feeling of the transparency ingredient) is powder made of the silk certified organically, so I fit by the light bill feeling which has no burdened feeling and produce the skin full of feeling of the transparency.

COSME DECORTE コスメデコルテ フェイスパウダー 20g[ フェイスパウダー ]☆再入荷

(2020/9/21 01:47時点)

米肌 つやしずくスキンケアコンシーラー
Surface in the US Gloss drop skin care condition Sea Ra


Condition Sea Ra who combined Hari ingredient vividly. The faint complexion sense and natural gloss are given, and it's darkish, and gets tired and also leads seen skin to a light expression with which I glow. I cover adult skin worries tightly and am stick condition Sea Ra beauty continues.

【ポイント10倍 9/20 00:00~23:59】米肌(MAIHADA) つやしずく スキンケアコンシーラー 04 ナチュラルコーラル 本体/しっとり 4.5g コンシーラー アットコスメ

(2020/9/21 01:51時点)

CHANEL レキャトルオンブル #268 カンドゥール エ エクスペリヤンス



CHANEL, the harmony with the beautiful and colorful color born from a personal pigment can be enjoyed. A mat, powder and satin are metallic, and that intense is metallic, various, the sophisticated feel of a material enables to put on the make-up widely.

It's easy to apply and a concerned condition is glossy and can also enjoy dramatically naturally. 4 colors which harmonize beautifully are set eyeshadow.

シャネル レキャトル オンブル #268 カンドゥール エ エクスペリヤンス アイシャドウ CHANEL LES 4 OMBRES EYE SHADOW 268 CANDEUR ET EXPERIENCE★あす楽★★楽天最安値挑戦★シャネル レキャトル オンブル 3145891642681 CHP164268 メイクアップ 正規品直輸入

(2020/9/21 01:59時点)

クリスチャンディオール ディオール サンク クルール クチュール 689 ミッツァ



Attentive creamy raw feel of a material powder of light bill feeling just like No make-up is set. I also agree with all skin tones and grant the vivid coloring which is quick and continues long.

I also combine a skin care ingredient newly and make eyes stand out from the color harmony and the finish which also have no looks of the case so far newly.

【正規品・送料込】クリスチャンディオール ディオール サンク クルール クチュール 689ミッツァ

(2020/9/21 02:03時点)





アートメイクや肌に関するカウンセリング(ounseling about an art make and a type)

皮膚科形成外科 ノアージュ(東京ミッドタウン)
Dermatology plastic surgery NOAJU (Tokyo midtown)





CHANEL TRAVEL MAKEUP PALETTE “HARMONIE DE CAMELIAS” シャネル トラベル メイクアップ パレット ミラー付パレット・ミニマスカラ・

(2020/9/21 19:08時点)

・アイシャドー ×6 (1-2-3-6-7-8) 
・リップ・リップグロス ×4(4-5-9-10) 
・カメリアチーク ×1(12)
・カメリアフェイスパウダー ×1(11)
・ミニマスカラ 1本(13) 
・ブラシ 4本 


CHANEL海外限定のコスメは、ポーチと一緒にセットになったものが多いです。10 代、20代の頃も巾着の海に持っていくバックや、ベージュのカメリアのポーチが流行りました。時代は10 年1昔、10 年サイクルでファッションも流行りがありますね。

Even the person who has caused trouble chose recommended goods as roughness. Make-up of a natural base is being piled up, but it's important to be adding to the part which becomes its point.

A person is different in feature of the skin matter and the face respectively, so when the part I'd like to make the accent and the place where I'd like to take out the modelling are reserved, it'll be natural make-up from thick make-up.

I myself always have time by skin care products and sunblock. The eyebrows are doing art make-up from thirties. It's said that there are eyebrows which match a face according to a way of operation and eyebrows of the rage. There is also art make-up which draws 1 and 1 to take out the modelling. I'd like to expand the width of the eyebrow now, so I'd like to increase and give the new form.

An eyebrow isn't growing and the person who stood up and the person who considers time to draw a daily eyebrow overall recommend art make-up very much. It isn't painful to there and is all right with maintenance of once a year basically. You give counseling and operate accurately, so I'm very relieved. I give the clinic which passed a ride.

The cosmetics by which many people are foreign countries are saying to eyeshadow and teak that I'd like coloring. I think NARS and M•A•C are the reasonable price including CHANEL. It's recommended to the person who emphasizes the feel of a material. I'm gathered by CHANEL. Each replaces it by the use frequency, so it's more convenient than a palette. (The back tea system eyeshadow is Japanese goods.)

I'd like to wear eye makeup, gather teak and a lip and take the rose orange system in.
The goods which are being checked?
In a set of 3 palette mini mascara exclusive velours style cases with a mirror+ a< strong> overseas limited article of 5 points of CHANEL sample asserting.

* Eyeshadow x 6 (1-2-3-6-7-8)
* Lip and lip glossx 4 (4-5-9-10)
* Camellia teak x 1 (12)
* Camellia face powder x 1 (11)
* A of mini mascara (13)
* 4 brushes

I don't like choosing and buying it, so it's difficult for everything to be a set. When having 1, it's the item useful enough. Everything fits into 1 palette, so it's convenient to be also able to store it in the small back.

There is a lot of one which made one set with a pouch for cosmetics of CHANEL overseas limitation. Pouch of Buck who also takes time teenage in twenties to a sea in a margin arrive and a beige camellia was popular. The times are 1 past in 10 and 10 year cycle, and there is also rage fashion, isn't there?

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The wasteful hair measure cream which just applies a person of sensitive skin, and can be TSURUSUBE skin

Ultraviolet rays are wasteful from the autumn which becomes little, hair, I take a measure, it'll be a good season. I think there are a lot of people who receive the whole body depilation at a salon, too, but I think it's difficult and is home aesthetics to go to and from, and there are a lot of people who lose their hair, too. A person of sensitive skin causes roughness reversely at Hikari of depilation, and there is a person who will go to a dermatology, too. A lady and a man are paying regard as the attire in Turkey in a depilation major power.

It's also possible to use this wasteful hair measure cream in a back, a delicate zone and a face as well as hand and foot. The cream recommended to a surface of a person of sensitive skin and a child. Wasteful hair is becoming thin by applying cream, not letting it run just as it is and using it. It can be used for facial wasteful hair (mustache and down), so family all the members can use it.









* Please use 3 months for the rule of thumb first because it's different in the cycle of the individual hair.

* It's possible to use cream in the whole body, so they're the convenient goods it's also possible to apply a face and VIO.

* Even the person in the middle of losing the hair at a clinic, can use.

* Having a period, the person who becomes pregnant and the child can use, too.

The age and the gender are unrelated and are the goods which are recommended to all people in trouble about wasteful hair. There is cleanliness for being beautiful and necessary by a smooth surface. A plant extract of a biotechnology enzyme works in the long run and has a pain by beautiful skin using the cream you're leading thinly gradually. When skin and skin touched, I'm interested in wasteful hair, so I'll recommend you processing as a good manner.

− Thinking aloud −

AGTがきっかけでファンになった、 グレース・ヴァンダーウォールの主演している、Disney+映画『スターガール』を観ています。Disney+(ディズニープラス)はまだ日本では馴染みのないサービスですが、気になる人はチェックしてください。

AGT is judging Grace who became a fan and the Disney+ movie in which VANDAWORU is starring "star girl" from a trigger. Disney+ (Disney plus) is still the service which has no acquaintances in Japan, but a worrisome person check it, please.


↓ ランキングに参加中なので、ポチっと押していただけたら励みになります


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From a sebum line, waste, DETOKKUSU, bus item

Man is sweating from pores, but the khan when exercising, seems to have been smooth, and a usual khan is the khan who did a little wetly. I realize that sweat is displayed that I'm jogging from pores all over the body. When I'm living even if I'm not making up, dust and dirt stick to a face and a body. DETOKKUSU which does a sitz bath and takes waste in the body slowly is important.

A sauna and bedrock bathing also become good for blood circulation, and a body becomes warm, so I think there are a lot of favorite people, too, but it's serious to go to and from. Promoted bedrock bathing care just sinks the natural stone which blended the ore from which a minus ion is released with a far-infrared radiation into the bathtub, and can be sweated from the sebum line for which it's quite difficult to open by daily life.















It's the effect of the far-infrared radiation, is different from usual bathing and sauna and is in a sweat of small Sara Sara of a particle by bedrock bathing.

It's the sweat from a sebaceous gland and when I have the keeping moist effect so that it's called natural skin lotion, it's called.

A natural stone is just sunk into the bathtub, the toxin and the waste which collected on a surface and the interior of the body are suggested to the sweat from the sebaceous gland for which it's quite difficult to open by daily life and keeping moist of skin is helped.

An ore also hangs long years from the front for thousands of years and is the stone which included an accumulated stratum and so-called "mineral" much. When this ore is soaked in hot water, high concentration for mineral as well as steam are released.

Heat is transmitted through the one as "far-infrared radiation" of hot water of this skin fast tightly to the depth of a body, and there is an action by which the body temperature rises. A body will be freed from the cold and is hard, and a body can be protected now from viruses.

[Skin fast]

A skin fast is to return the barrier function of the skin and the keeping moist function to the power of the original body. A balance of water and oil returns the state of the skin made up with skin lotion and an essence to moto, and arranges the keeping moist function by the natural power.

Make-up and cleansing aren't done and it's made only light face washing, and there is also a way by which skin care doesn't also make up only by water and lukewarm water for face washing. When a balance of water and oil is complete, skin trouble also becomes difficult to happen.

You can't always thrust at foundation, and they're skin lotion, milk lotion and sunblock, but I'm using a cleansing and a face foam. Japan which doesn't do keeping moist at all after bathing is being made with the frequency of the once a week.

The bus item which is recommended to the person who takes an interest in a skin fast and bedrock bathing and the person who would like to live a NOFANDE life, so it's heated up from a core of a body, and, DETOKKUSU, please.

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私は標準体型ですが、どちらかというと筋肉質で足に筋肉がついています。ボディービルをしていた父と一緒にトレーニングジムに通い、食事も徹底していたことの積み重ねだと思っています。最近、少し体脂肪が増えたので落とそうと思います。(現在 身長160センチ 体重48キロ 体脂肪25)



The lymph massage with which an ideal beautiful leg is made will introduce the spats which tell this time.

I think there are an ideal beautiful leg and a leg for which everyone longs respectively when he says. I'm happy to become SURARI, the leg like a model I have, the leg which built up its muscles moderately, a leg of unwasted muscle like ballerina's person and an ideal leg. Metabolism of the lower part of the body has fallen certainly from forties, so a lymph massage is being done while doing a sitz bath. It's the standard figure, but if anything I'm being muscular and am building up my muscles in the foot. It's well-informed about a gym with my father who was doing body-building, and I think a meal is also storage of a thing carried without exception. Body fat increased a little recently, so I think I'll drop it. (160 centimeters of present's height, 48 kilometers of weight, body fat 25)

The figure changed compared with time in twenties, and I gained weight 10 kilometers. The whole, slenderly, RA plumpness and a word become bad, but I look at the mirror, and finds an upper arm and the hips to be flabby. When I was in twenties, the pressurization wear added to the size and correction underwear had been bought, but it was serious to change the clothes and a pressurization wear didn't continue. Correction underwear had them take the size of a waist and a thigh, and the beginning was felt tight, the size changed and was downed 2 sizes in 1 month. A good place by the correction underwear is to be able to put on work and during going out as underwear.











[The feature of the spats]

* It's covered with Tsuyoshi pressure compilation so that belly may be wrapped, so a pelvis is supported tightly.

* Meat from bottom is also tightened with KYU together together.

* A slim leg is supported with Tsuyoshi pressure compilation which did a taping.

* GERUMA, silver and titanium are being mixed and it's being made with crowded special fiber, so circulation of lymph is supported.

The unit price is 2980 yen, but shipping charge of 525 yen is free by more than 2.

The person who usually wears a pantsuit of course as a wear of jogging and movement can put it on as underwear throughout the day. There is moderate fastening, so a good place by the spats is to prevent having a meal too much. It's put on under the jeans, and it can be put on as a chill and swollen support, so it's convenient outside the day mind hot for summer. The muscle strength and tightening are limited only by movement, so the spats which can be put on easily are attractive. A lymph massage would like to put on the spats which tell and make an ideal beautiful leg so that heat Tech. and tights may be put on as an inner.

ー Thinking aloud ー



I think there are a lot of people who checked travel and homecoming and people who looked back to a life in summer of this year, too. I talked with the friend who doesn't have to get away and meet by telephone. I grew up by the liberal environment, so there are no ideas that I say "I'm relieved by the same thing as the turn.", and likes and dislikes are clear. A relation with a person separates privacy from work tightly, and is also clear. When I make an acquaintance say, it's said that they lower a shutter at the heart for an impossible person.

Not the aggressive one, but friend relations is also the ZUZU distance and the typing to which I open my heart a little, so I don't think I'll have a partner open the heart by force, too. A little good place and a bad place, mutual admission is long, an affiliation, it is. Any partner's faces aren't being seen, so there is sometimes misunderstanding, but one can hand will down to the person who would like to do importantly and build the relation a partner tells clearly, too. If a friend notices, it's a friend, isn't it?

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