Cersei Lannister (GOT) & Carla Rosón Caleruega (ELITE) 〜 Similarities

Cersei Lannister (GOT)
Carla Rosón Caleruega (ELITE)

〜 Similarities


(Wedding of Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon)

Both Cersei (from GOT) and Carla (from ELITE) are my favorite characters.


I realized these two beautiful characters have similarities other than the fact that they were both very beautiful.
Cersei was from medieval fictional story where dragons and witches were present, where brutal murders were common, while Carla was from modern day high school where the law was similar to our society.
Also Cersei was a mother of three and Carla was just a young high school girl.
Cersei suffered more pain and she was more cruel since she was from the medieval fiction and "when you play game of thrones, you win or you die".

However despite the fact that they were from completely opposite setting, they both have interesting similarities.

These were description of Carla and that was exactly what Cersei was as well.





Yes...basically Carla was a young Cersei. If Carla dressed in medieval; fashion, she could play young Cersei.
Their appearances were very similar. Not only both were blonde, but even the eyes matched!!!
They both also had big boobs even though they were consider very slim.



Yes... they both came from very rich families... not just rich but VERY. Also quite complicated families.
Carla was a daughter of marquise... Cersei was from the richest family in seven kingdoms and she was the queen.
Their father was toxic as well. Both were willing to sell their daughters to other men for their legacies.


★ Uses sex as tool to get what she wants
★ Manipulative
★ Cold-Heart
★ Selfish
★ Prideful
★ Willing to do anything to put the odds to her favor
★ But regardless to all those characteristics above ..............
★ Family comes first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW... Carla was like modern young version Cersei !!!
Both were intelligent too. Not extremely but somehow intelligent to get what they wanted.
Yes, they both were not a kind nice to everybody kindda girls.
They could be manipulative and selfish...
But Cesei would do anything for her family especially her children !!!
Carla was a high school kid so she did not have any children but she did a lot for her dad and family.

Lots of Similarities !!!!!!!!
Both my favorite characters!!!


Cersei Lannister (GOT) & Carla Rosón Caleruega (ELITE) は両方とも、それぞれのドラマで一番好きなキャラクター。こうしてみると、二人は凄く似ているなっていう記事でした。
Carlaは、スペインの裕福層がたくさんいる名門高校から。Cersei は中世のドロドロした覇権争いやドラゴンや魔女がいる世界から。もちろん、まったく異なる設定のドラマからきた二人だが、それでも似ている部分があるって面白い。何より好きなキャラを分析するのが楽しい。


★ 美しい
★ 長い金髪
★ スリム
★ 緑色の眼
★ 巨乳


★ 大金持ち
★ 父親が毒親


★ 自分の美しさと性を利用してほしいものをゲットする
★ 人を操るのが得意
★ 冷酷
★ 自己中心的
★ プライドが高い
★ ほしいものをゲットする為なら悪い事もする
★ 上記のように性格が悪いようにみえるが...............
★ 自分の家族の為だ


『Game of Thrones』〜 House Lannister

『Game of Thrones』

House Lannister


Hear me Roar !

This is my favorite house in Game of Thrones.
I love all the main members in the family, Tywin, Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion.
(I don't like Joff and Tommen but I love Myrcella... sweet summer child...)


“We all dream of things we cannot have. Tywin dreamed that his son would be a great knight, that his daughter would be a queen. He dreamed they would be so strong and brave and beautiful that no one would ever laugh at them.”
(Joanna Lannister in Jaime's dream... from ASOIAF)

IMG_0631 - コピー.jpg

The Rains of Castamere

And who are you?
The proud lord said
That I must bow so low
Only a cat of a different coat
That's all the truth I know

In a coat of gold or a coat of red
A lion still has claws
And mine are long and sharp, my lord
As long and sharp as yours

And so he spoke, and so he spoke
That lord of Castamere
But now the rains weep o'er his hall
With no one there to hear
Yes, now the rains weep o'er his hall
And not a soul to hear

And so he spoke, and so he spoke
That lord of Castamere
But now the rains weep o'er his hall
With no one there to hear
Yes, now the rains weep o'er his hall
And not a soul to hear


Back ground
House Lannister is the Greatest and Richest House in Westeros. Their lands are in the far west of the continent. Their seat is Casterly Rock, a castle on a rocky promontory overlooking the Sunset Sea.

Tywin has three children Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion by his cousin-wife Joanna Lannister. Joanna died after giving birth to Tyrion. Tyrion is a dwarf. Cersei and Jaime are fraternal twins and have very close bond. Jaime held Cersei's foot when he came in to this world. They have sexual relationship since they were children.
Cersei is Queen of Westeros since Tywin arranged for her marriage to King Robert Baratheon in exchange for his support in Robert's Rebellion. She has a longstanding incestuous relationship with her twin-brother Jaime. They have three love children (Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen) who they pass off as being the product of Cersei's marriage.

The Lannisters are known to be fair-haired, tall and handsome.
Cersei and Jaime are famous to be the most beautiful Lannisters even among the handsome and beautiful Lannisters, while Tyrion is known to be the ugliest Lannister.
Cersei Lannister is also known to be the most beautiful Woman in the Westeros.

A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) ★ Jaime Lannister 〜 The Golden Knight

A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Jaime Lannister

〜The Golden Knight,
The Lion of House Lannister
and the handsome twin brother-lover to the most Beautiful Woman in Westeros,
Queen Cersei...

z jaime - Copy.jpg

***Jaime Lannister by TeiIku***

Source and credit to:

z cersei - Copy.jpg

***Cersei Lannister by TeiIku***

Source and credit to:

Cersei and Jaime are two in one.
『Game of Thrones』〜 Golden Lannister Twins Jaime & Cersei 〜 Quotes

I love Jaime Lannister a lot.
He's the most complex character especially in the book A Song of Ice and Fire. (So is Cersei...)
He has deep love for his twin-sister Cersei...
Therefore when there is love, there is jealousy which can cause hatred.
His actions and love-hate feelings towards Cersei are sometimes obsessed, toxic and very creepy.
Once, he was jealous of his own son for taking too much of Cersei's time and Cersei's love and Cersei's breast.
Yes, he has always been obsessed with Cersei's breast.

I think it comes down to the fact that just like Cersei, he has lost his mother when he was still a child...
Yes, he has always wanted Cersei as a lover, as a wife... but unknowingly he has also wanted Cersei to give him 「unconditional love」like mother would have for their kids.
He wants Cersei to be his sweet sister, beautiful wife and loving mother...
I think that's the reason he was jealous of his own children.
He was also angry when Cersei was out of his control.
In addition, he was deeply hurt when he found out Cersei was with other men.
His emotion has grown to great anger and he fantasied about cutting her tongue out and keep her as his sex doll... He fantasied that quiet Cersei would be sweet but he could not deep kiss her if she had no tongue...
He wants to punish her by hurting her physically but he still wants her as his sweet "QUIET" lover... which precisely is a sex doll.

Once, (or maybe many more times in the past), he raped Cersei next to his son's corpse. It was not only a rape but an insult to the King who was murdered. Cersei was in her deepest grief at that moment.
He was raping the mother of the king next to the king's corpse when the mother was mourning.
Jaime never saw that as rape and he believed Cersei enjoyed it later on... just like in the book, the part where his words were in diagonal letters which represents his own "thoughts" since it was his POV.
Cersei was probably used to that kind of actions from him since according to Cersei, Jaime was a man that even if she said No 100 tomes, he would make her say YES in the end...
Cersei has always loved Jaime...
I like dominant and sometimes forceful men (only if I love him)... but in the sept, next to your son's corpse?
No... That's beyond question...
That rape scene showed his toxic possessive deep love and lust for Cersei but also showed Jaime's deep hatred for his own son...

Yes, Jaime is no hero...
Just like all other humans, he has dark side. His dark side which is quite dark indeed.
Just like how Cersei has dark side but she has pure (sometimes twisted love) for her children, Jaime also has great but twisted love for Cersei which is extremely deep... deep... deeper than anyone could possibly think.
They came for a very dysfunctional family so no doubt...

But no humans are perfect.
I think all humans have dark side even in reality.
We have law to enforce us in this reality so of course most of us would not commit crimes.
...But what if we are living in medieval world? What if we are in the world of ASOIAF (GoT)?
I can't be sure if I would be less cruel than Cersei...
I can't be sure if I would protect my neighbor when my own parents, kids and lover are in great danger.
I might do evil things to protect my family or even myself...
(...though I have no interest in stealing and running off with someone's husband and father like some cunt in ASOIAF who must not be named...which caused great danger to her family as well...)

Family always comes first for me...

There are some hypocrites (especially a lot in USA) who believe themselves to be GOOD but people like that, I don't trust the most... LOL

One thing I like about ASOIAF is that GRRM clearly point out that characters have multiple characteristics.
This is not a story of HERO vs VILLAIN...
Maybe all characters are many-faces...
That's the part I love the most in ASOIAF !

Both Jaime and Cersei are very interesting characters.
I don't always agree with their actions (Jaime's actions sometimes makes me angry more than Cersei's) but I love them for their complexity.



z1 - Copy.JPG






IMG_0249 - Copy.JPG IMG_0250 - Copy.JPG
IMG_0253 - Copy.JPG IMG_0261 - Copy.JPG
IMG_0254 - Copy.JPG


VIVRE CARD 〜ONE PIECE図鑑〜 (ジャンプコミックス) [ 尾田 栄一郎 ]

(2018/9/4 05:36時点)

くる天 人気ブログランキング ブログランキング にほんブログ村 漫画ブログ 週刊少年ジャンプへ にほんブログ村 漫画ブログへ にほんブログ村 グルメブログへ
はじめまして。このサイトは、自己満足目的の気まぐれなブログです。英語NATIVE、日本語検定1級、バイリンガルのアメリカ人です。(日系 1/2、華人 1/4、ポルトガル系1/8、イギリス系1/8 の混血) 日本在住11年目ですが年の30%は、海外出張か実家か旅行に出てます。ブログは趣味記録&日本語上達の為に開設しました。自己満足ブログですので自分の書きたい事を素直に書いてます。辛口の時もあります。好きな事を書いているだけなので文法も誤字もチェックしてません。 ブログみればわかりますが、多趣味です。食べること、読書、旅行、スポーツ、謎解き&リアル脱出ゲーム、映画やドラマ観賞、漫画、ゴシックファンタジー等が大好きです。スポーツは特に水泳とバスケットボールが好きです。尊敬する人は、英国のエリザベス女王&フィリップ殿下、両親、兄、弟、彼、親友。 ブログでは、旅先の事、美味しい食べ物の事、リアル脱出ゲーム、漫画の事(ワンピースなど)、本やドラマや映画の事などランダムに書いています。 漫画に関しては、アニメ派とコミック派にはネタバレなので自己責任で!ワンピースに関しては最近は貯めてからいっきに読んで感想を書く事が多いです。 映画やドラマ感想も全部ネタバレあるので、自己責任で。観てない人は要注意です。 ワンピースでは、ペローナ、ミホーク、ロー、レイジュが特に大好き。 ワンピース以外にも『ハンターxハンター』など色々な漫画を読んでいます。(少年漫画メイン) 欧米のドラマや映画も観ます。特に『GAME OF THRONES』が大好きです。 Lannister家の双子、Jaime & Cersei を愛しています。 私は日本に住んでいても、外資系企業で働いているため、まわりは帰国子女と非日本人しかいないので、純粋な日本人と深く関わる機会はあまりないです。けど私は、半分だけ日本人の血が入っています。(生まれも育ちも海外でアメリカ国籍です)それでも日本人らしい所は少しあると思います。 このブログは、自己満足で自分の為に作りましたが、公開しているので、もし同じ趣味や似た好みを持っている方と出会う事ができたら素敵だなと思います。 Twitter : @casterlyrock88
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