A Song of Ice and Fire 〜 “Feast for Crows” & “A Dance with Dragons”

A Song of Ice and Fire

“A Feast for Crows” & “A Dance with Dragons”


I haven’t been feeling well both physically and mentally for the past month due to all kinds of stress and vaccine side effect; but escaping to the world of ASOIAF had helped me a lot!!
There were times I didn’t want to do anything but just kept reading.
So I finished these two books in 3 weeks. Now I need more!


So what now?
I really need the next book, The Winds of Winter!!!
But it doesn’t seem like it will come out anytime soon!
I guess what I will do next is re-read all my favorite chapters which I have marked.
My favorite POV are Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Daenerys and the ones from Dorne.
(The most boring are the POV of Brienne, Sam, Bran and Jon Snow but I still read all of those just to catch up with every single things.)

Before I re-read the POV of my favorite characters (mainly Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion), I’ve started reading these chapters from TWOW as well!


So when will The Winds of Winter come out?
My hopeful guess is next year but I feel it is almost impossible for GRRM to finish the story, wrap everything up in just two books, unless each of the book is 2000 pages or something....
Dany is not even in Westeros yet!!!
Cersei just finished her walk of shame!!!
And Kevin Lannister was killed!!! ah... that man... he was no friend of Cersei but at least he was her uncle and he was her allies, someone who would not hurt her...
He died at the very end of ADWD.

Oh, and Ser Robert Strong!!
Is he going to be same like the show?
I wonder why Qyburn gave him the name Robert... Cersei's dead husband whom Cersei hated. LOL
(But in the book, although Cersei hated Robert, she still remembered him praising her beauty. During the walk of shame, she remembered Robert, he did not love her but he praised her beauty, and that gave her confidence too.)

There are also many characters, more characters than the show.
There is also this true heir (Dany's nephew), the eldest son of that fucking Ratgar.
Not by that irresponsible arrogant selfish brainless homewrecker, but by his true first wife, Elia of Dorne who was humble and kind.
I would never forgive Ratgar and that North bitch for what they caused.
Betrayal, war, blood, tears and death of thousands, or even millions. Stop blaming all horrible things on Tywin Lannister. If that already-married-with-two-kids Rat prince and his bitch did not love escape. And that bitch was already engaged to Robert who loved her(that bitch did not deserve any love from Robert and her stupid brothers) , if they did not love-escape, all these wouldn't happen. Her age was no excuse because most noble girls that time including Cersei were responsible for their own house. Even I WAS WHEN I WAS THAT AGE! More responsible and good, never thought of running away with MARRIED MAN WITH KIDS.
14 or 40, does not matter. Medieval world or modern world, does not matter.
It really tells what kind of person you are, running away with your own will, with a married men, especially if he already has kids.
Since it's fiction, it's still cool if she was not beautified but she was falsely victimized and beautified. That has given me more reasons to hate her more than any other characters in the entire stories. More than Ratgar.
(By the way, I enjoy stories of Melisandre, Cersei and all many other not-so-holy women though. They are too interesting and too cool for me hate and they are not falsely victimized or beatified. )

So there is this guy, Prince Aegon, I think he's still going to die in the end though...
But He is the PRINCE. Not JON the bastard....
Although I am pretty sure the he will die so Jon would be the only child left from Ratgar.
I still hope Jon does not rule the iron throne. He does not deserve it anyway. Not even first child of Ratgar.
Elia was alive when his father ran away with that bitch and had him. Bastard boy.
What is the difference of him and Robert's other bastards? Just because he is the blood of the Dragon? ONLY HALF. Dany has stronger blood!!!
Just like the movie, probably Bran will sit on the iron throne though...

But there are so many characters other than those blood of Dragon.
Myrcella and Tommen are also still alive.
To be honest, I don't care much for Tommen but I hope Myrcella lives...
Also Jaime...
Cersei... I know they will die... I'm ready...
And all many other characters. I want to know their faith.

How is GRRM going to finish everything in just two books?
It’s impossible for him to finish the story in just two books!!
If he really wanna finish the story each book will be super huge one.
I hope he might as well have another 3-5 books instead of 2.

Maybe he is having hard time trying to wrap everything in just 2 books...
Anyway... I really hope to see new book coming out next year!

My personal favorites and least favorites




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